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Physiognomy is not a guide that has been given us to judge of the character of men: it may only serve us for conjecture.
By theme : Psychology   Wisdom  

A man`s worth is estimated in this world according to his conduct.
By theme : Behavior   Society  

Time, which strengthens friendship, weakens love.
By theme : Friendship   Love   Time  

It is a sad thing when men have neither wit to speak well nor judgment to hold their tongues.
By theme : Wit  

Those who make the worst use of their time are the first to complain of its brevity.
By theme : Behavior   Time  

Talent, taste, wit, good sense are very different things, but by no means incompatible. Between good sense and good taste there exists the same difference as between cause and effect, and between wit and talent there is the same proportion as between a whole and its parts.
By theme : Reason   Wisdom  

Most men employ the first part of life to make the other part miserable.
By theme : Behavior   Life  

To endeavor to forget anyone is a certain way of thinking of nothing else.
By theme : Behavior   Psychology   Reason  

For a woman to be at once a coquette and a bigot is more than the humblest of husbands can bear; she should mercifully choose between the two.
By theme : Behavior   Women  

A lovely countenance is the fairest of all sights, and the sweetest harmony is the sound of the voice of her whom we love.
By theme : Love  

An inconstant woman is one who is no longer in love; a false woman is one who is already in love with another person; a fickle woman is she who neither knows whom she loves nor whether she loves or not; and the indifferent woman, one who does not love at all.
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Marriage, it seems, confines every man to his proper rank.
By theme : Marriage   Men  

He who has lived a day has lived an age.
By theme : Life   Philosophy  

The events we most desire do not happen; or, if they do, it is neither in the time nor in the circumstances when they would have given us extreme pleasure.
By theme : Life  

To be deprived of the person we love is happiness in comparison to living with one we hate.
By theme : Feelings   Relations  

Love seizes on us suddenly, without giving warning, and our disposition or our weakness favors the surprise; one look, one glance from the fair, fixes and determines us. Friendship, on the contrary, is a long time forming; it is of slow growth, through many trials and months of familiarity.
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Women are extreme in all points. They are better or worse than men.
By theme : Men   Women  

Death never happens but once, yet we feel it every moment of our lives.
By theme : Death   Life  

Let us not envy some men their accumulated riches; their burden would be too heavy for us; we could not sacrifice, as they do, health, quiet, honor, and conscience, to obtain them: it is to pay so dear for them, that the bargain is a loss.
By theme : Wealth  

The same vices, which are huge and insupportable in others, we do not feel in ourselves.
By theme : Psychology   Vice  

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