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There is this important difference between love and friendship: while the former delights in extremes and opposites, the latter demands equalities.
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Sin is not so sinful as hypocrisy.
By theme : Behavior   Morality  

The height of power in women, so far as manners are concerned, rests in tranquillity.
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Contempt is the only way to triumph over calumny.
By theme : Behavior   Relations   Wisdom  

In manners, tranquillity is the supreme power.
By theme : Behavior   Society  

All pleasures are commendable that do not culminate in regret.
By theme : Wisdom  

Save those who fill the highest stations, I know of none more unfortunate than those who envy them.
By theme : Unhappiness  

Delicacy is to affectation what grace is to beauty.
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